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Soundscapes - The CD

Stuart writes,

'Some years ago I was touring with a band.  One evening there was an unexpected 'gap' in the set-list and I was asked to perform one of my compositions.  At this time it was little more than a few ideas on a backing tape.  However, the impact of that first night remains with me to this day.  Further performances and a year later, I was asked (by an audience!!) to record a CD.  Soundscapes was born!

Over the years I have had the privilege and pleasure of playing percussion and drums with some great musicians and artists.  Many times I have witnessed the power of music to soothe and to excite, to break down barriers and to encourage, to inject new life and vitality, to transform familiar words on a page into a new, almost visual dimension.

I have used nearly one hundred different percussion instruments from around the world to 'paint the pictures' which form the tracks on this album, hence its title Soundscapes.

I hope that they will open-up new possibilities for dancers, and add an extra dimension to drama, video, art or the spoken word.  The inclusion of narrated and non-narrated versions will hopefully enable you to ‘step-out and give it a go’.

On the other hand, you may prefer to stay at home, turn down the lights, put on the CD, turn up the hi-fi, and enjoy the music!

Although the pieces on this CD have been written by Christians, I hope that people from ALL backgrounds will be able to use the material as a resource to facilitate expression and freedom.  If you are a Christian, it is my hope that you will be led to a greater appreciation of the awesome creativity and love of the God we serve'.

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