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What People Say About Soundscapes


Mike Rimmer (CrossRhythms) writes:

'I have found the album inspiring though definitely left field....This is an adventurous album, creative, inspiring and totally non-commercial. Needless to say, I love it for all of those reasons!

Rating 9/10.

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"This is a CD that should be in EVERY creative shop!" DC, UK

"I took a real risk buying the CD as I'd never heard of you before. I'm so glad that I took that risk. The CD is never off my player. Thank you!" MS, UK

"Since I bought your CD it has never left top of the multichanger in my car CD player...awesome!" BR, USA

"I listened to Soundscapes again the other day, nearly 5 years after you made it and it is as fresh today as it was then. Timeless. A mime artist friend of mine would like me to translate some of the narration into German (with your permission) for use in his shows." GH, Germany

"It came highly recommended. I now pass that recommendation on to anyone who'll listen." DW, USA

"Since I'd worked with you as a musician, and that was a great experience, I knew you were capable. And then you released this album and I thought, "How much more has this guy got hidden away." Congratulations on a GREAT debut album. Please ask me to get involved next time!" MK, UK

"I've never heard anything like it before. The pictures are so vivid; I'm lost for words" LE, Australia

"Why have we not heard of you before. Our dance and drama group has been revolutionised since we started using your music. Very powerful. When audiences ask us where we get the music from, we're pleased to tell them!" LPJ, UK

"It's so unlike anything I've ever heard before. We would love you to come and perform some tracks at one of our events. Well done!" LLB, Wales

"What a sight, 150 non-churched teenagers dancing to your CD, using their own moves, before a cathedral audience of 2000! A day we will never forget. Thank you." JT, UK

"So many blends of world musical instruments and traditions. I listen to it often." LR, Morocco

"We need more of this!" Kevin, USA

"This CD really breaks the mould of so called music for dance. Rather than just a re-hash of music already released, or some clever work on a computer using sampled sounds, you use real instruments, real feeling, original ideas and real talent." RJS, USA

"We used some of the music from your CD to back our latest touring production in the UK and Europe. A real refresher and very visual". PD, UK.

"My aim is to get as many Christian musicians and artists to hear this CD. It's awesome." TS, UK.

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